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Key to High Scores

Key to high scores is to make scoring formations as often as possible. If you make a regular 5-gem scoring formation every other turn you loose only one free board cell. Thus in order to keep on playing one must either make scoring formations longer or faster (i.e. more often). In general it is hard and unfeasible to make longer formations, because you have to wait more turns (and loose more free space!) before completing them. Also as less and less playing space remains there is a great chance that desired locations will get occupied by new gems or that paths will get blocked. Thus the main strategy is to make regular 5-gem formations and to make them fast.

Keep It Organized

Gems 3D is a game of organization. The play time is proportional to the probability of making a scoring formation. If the board is filled by randomly scattered gems the probability of making a scoring formation is low. With each turn one should organize gems to form scoring formations, not just move them around. Organization issue is particularly important when dealing with blocking gems. It is always a good idea to place a blocking gem next to another one of its kind, as if making a scoring formation, rather than moving it away to a random location.

Don't Rush It

Unlike chess time is not critical when playing Gems 3D (at least not in the current version). Before making a move carefully examine the board for rudimentary scoring formations as they may show in unexpected ways. It is very important to find at least three gems in a row with adjacent empty cells to add two more.

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Get a Good Start
When starting a new game it helps to click F2 (or menu Game | New) several times until a more or less organized combination of gems appear. By organized I mean at least two gems of the same color.

Keep Paths Clear

At late stage of the game the board can be pretty full of gems, and it can have several disconnected regions from which there is no clear path to move gem to another region. Don't let this happen! Always try to keep all the regions connected because you might want to move gems among them.

Use Tricks Wisely

When used wisely tricks can save the game. One should save tricks for 'tough times' that come when the board is almost completely filled with gems. Typically at a late stage in the game when the board is nearly full there is a number of semi-scoring formations, but there are no empty cells or no free gems needed to complete them. In this case a trick can win some free board space and unblock other semi-scoring formations. The key to wise usage of tricks is to form a number of semi-scoring formations when the complete scoring formations can not be made, and later set a 'chain reaction' of completing these semi-scoring formations by using only one or two tricks. Remember, tricks end fast!

Don't Get Upset!

Occasionally gems fall in 'unfortunate' places, block formations and clear paths. Sometimes God's Will puts them in the same 'unfortunate' place over and over again. This is pure probability and the program was not written to do this on purpose. No matter how upsetting that might be remember that positive attitude is a key to a good game!

When You Move a Gem...

A new gem will not fall in the former place of the gem you just moved unless the board is totally out of free space.

Exercise Your Brain

As a challenging game the Gems 3D puzzle is mental workout as well as being a lot of fun. As you gain experience with the game so too will you see more possibilities for strategies with every game giving you even more to think about.

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