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eSonic is an interactive musical toy for children of ages 2 and up, teenagers and even adults.

eSonic is About Music

When powered on eSonic composes unique music and plays it back.The music is ever changing and never the same.

eSonic is About Fun

eSonic is equipped with 8 buttons, 2 knobs and 48 lights. The lights and controls make eSonic fun to play with. Simply push the buttons, twist the knobs and hear the changes in the generative music and see the wonderful light patterns.

What Makes eSonic Fun? eSonic - Interactive Musical Toy for Children

eSonic is Fun for the Entire Family!


Lights are divided in 4 segments, each segment containing 4 stripes of 3 lights (red, green and yellow). Each segment corresponds to a music channel (e.g. drums, bass, etc.). Each stripe represents a note. As music played an appropriate stripe lights up to indicate the currently playing note.


Each of 8 buttons has a unique function:

  • Shuffle button randomly assigns new instruments to the channels;
  • Beat button toggles between waltz (3/4) and disco (4/4) beat;
  • Measure button affects the music measure length;
  • Mood button toggles mellow or happy music;
  • Mutation button affects repetition and the rate at which music changes;
  • Spread button affects max interval between subsequent tones;
  • Bridge note generates a musical bridge (e.g. drum and bass roll);
  • Density button affects the number of notes in one measure.

While the meaning of the buttons may sound obscure each button changes the character of the generated music. Also as you press a button the lights flash showing one out of eight captivating patterns. The buttons are unmarked on purpose. Just keep pushing them and discover new music and light patterns!

eSonic - Interactive Musical Toy for Children


eSonic composes music based of rules of composition. The music is not random, but consonant and pleasant to the ear. The music consists of 4 parts:

  • drums (kick 'n' snare)
  • bass
  • 2nd voice
  • and solo

Each part has one or two instruments associated with it.

Download eSonic-composed music NOW!


eSonic is equipped with two knows:

  • Tempo knob;
  • and the Channel Mute knob.

The channel mute knob mutes one or more channels giving an opportunity to listen to drums only; drum and bass; drum, bass and 2nd voice; or all four channels together.

eSonic - Interactive Musical Toy for Children


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  • Patents pending.


Please contact us if you are interested in manufacturing eSonic or licensing the eSonic technology and concept.



Copyright Max I. Fomitchev-Zamilov